Pinsk Factory of Bakeries is the oldest company in this industry. In 1944 year a mill plant №13 was founded. Pinsk mill factory was organized on the basis of the mill plant, a supply depot and in the past a hay warehouse in 1958 year.

 In 1966 building new objects of the factory were started:

-       elevator

-       quality grinding mill

-       storage silos

-       mechanical repair shop

-       laboratory

-       club

-       office building

 In 1975 Pinsk mill factory was renamed in Factory of bakeries.

 In 1996 Jsc.Pinsk Factory of Bakeries was founded by Ministry of State Property Management.

 In 2003 the company was reorganized by adding Jsc.Stolin Cereal Plant.

 In 2004 there was a modernization of quality grinding mills.

 In 2006 grain drying complex SZH-10 and packaging apparatus «Italpak» were bought.